How to kill Black Widow Spider At Home and Everywhere

How to kill black widow spiders complete post also widow spiders bite and widow spiders size much information you get in this article. Black widow spiders, the name itself is little scary, isn’t it? And it is named as black widow spider because the female spider eats the male spider after mating took place.

There is legion of species of spiders in the entire world may be in the entire universe too. Out of these legions of species, not all are harmful and not all are harmless. There are few species in spiders whose bites are not at all harmful or painful and they just bite for their safety. Few other species in spiders are not harmful, but their bite may be very painful.

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All Black Widow Spider Facts Bite Picture

How to kill black widow spider At Home and Everywhere

The remaining species in spiders are the ones, which are dangerous. Their bite is extremely painful and along with that there may be chances of death if proper aid was not provided to the patient in time. The protagonist of our article “Black Widow Spider” is the one that falls in the aforementioned category. These Black widow spiders are mainly seen in the areas of North America and Canada.

 These are not too harmful to adults as they won’t inject much venom into the bodies of adults. As children have fewer immunity levels no matter how much venom it injects with its bite they immediately get affected and may sometimes even die; however, there are not many situations of people dying at the bite of a black widow spider. Approximately three cases per year may be noted in the name of deaths due to black widow spider bite.

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Black Widow Spider bite

Black widow spider bites

The venom that the spider injects is toxic to the nervous system. The risks associated with the venom depend on particular person’s weight, where the bite happened; the quantity of venom went into the body, depth of the bite etc.

Black Widow Spider bite

Black Widow Spider bite

Symptoms of black widow spider bite

The symptoms that you can notice when a black widow spider bites you are numbness, tingling, abdominal pain, sweating, anxiety, dizziness, rash, nausea, cramps, tightness of chest, weakness, vomiting, difficulty breathing, difficulty with speech etc.

Male and female black widow spiders

Female black widow spider

Female black widow spider is “just” black in color with red color in hourglass shape on the back of the belly. Its body shines in black with half an inch long excluding legs and one-and-half-inch long including legs.

Male black widow spider

Light brown or gray in color with same red color in an hourglass shape on the back of the belly. It is half the size of the female spider with long legs.

How to control black widow spiders

1. In order to control black widow spiders, you must be aware of the places where they usually stay or hide. If you are aware of those places then carefully remove the material where they are usually making their webs hide.

2. Make sure to use gloves when dealing with debris or firewood type material.

3. Without wearing gloves don’t do garden, handle firewood, pine straw etc.

4. Make sure to use covered footwear.

5. Don’t keep your surroundings unclean. Make certain to clean all the corners of your house every now and then so that there won’t be a chance for the spiders to create their web to stay in. Clean the corners of the rooms, under furniture, widows, and storage rooms quite often.

6. If you have a garden make sure to pick out the unnecessary bushes or weeds around your house where your children or you may frequently go. Clear all the insects and other harmful things from that place.

7. In order to prevent pests from entering indoors take some measures like sealing the openings, door sweeps etc.

8. Using vacuum cleaner remove webs of the spiders, spiders, and their egg sacs if any.

Black widow spider habits

Black widow spiders are mainly found under ledges, rocks, plants and debris. When the weather is cold these drive their way into the house. The female ones are the most dangerous than the male spiders. The female one constructs the web that is irregular and tangled in shape with its silk. The webs can be found under stones, outside boards, foundational slabs, behind shrubs and bushes etc.

It rebuilds its web depending on its need and requirement. It stays in its web all the day and hangs in an up-side-down position.

The female spiders attack the insects and its other eatables with the help of its silk by wrapping it around. It then injects its venom into the victim and kills it. The insect may be eaten immediately or may be preserved for the later meal.

They protect their egg sacs by biting anything or any human aggressively if came in its way. The female black widow spider stores sperm, which helps in producing more sacs without mating with the male black spider. Few black widow spiders live more than three years of lifetime.

How to kill black widow spider

As black widow spiders are growing in number day-by-day, there is the legion of pesticides available in the market for killing those black widow spiders. There are also several application methods to kill those spiders. Depending on the place it created its web to stay in these methods of killing differs. If the web is outside the home then the treatment is different. Likewise, sprays for direct contact, dust, and liquid spot treatments are other treatments to kill black widow spiders. There are different ways to kill black widow spider. Here are few.

1. Outside the home treatment

If you find any cracks or holes in your foundation then don’t just go on with filling them. Apply Delta Dust Insecticide or Drione Dust to get rid of future risks with these black widow spiders. Use Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer to spray trees, plants, and lawn. For outdoor foundations, Demand CS is the best.

2. Sprays for direct contact

If you find any of those spiders roaming in your corridor then immediately use non-residual aerosol spray on them like 565 Plus XLO or CB-80 Extra Aerosol. These sprays help kill them within no time. Also, they are safe to use.

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3. Dusts

If you are looking for something to kill black widow spiders that stay in the places like basements, attics, wall voids, and crawl spaces then Dusts are the best. Use products like Drione Dust and Delta Dust Insecticide. EcoExempt D from the EcoSmart Company is a plant-based insecticidal dust.

4. Liquid spot treatments

This liquid spot treatment usually uses powders mixed with water as a spray. Demon WP Insecticide, Cynoff EC, and Cynoff WP are the best products for this treatment. Demand CS can also be used as a spot treatment in indoors.

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